Monday, 30 April 2012

Planting brassicas

We stringed some criss cross fishing lines threaded with some Pieces of styrene foam. The theory is the cabbage butterfly looks down and believes the area is already occupied and flies elsewhere to lay their eggs. Thanks to Lollo Houbein's book Outside the Magic Square we were able to put this theory to practice. Does it work? I'll let you know.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Autumn planting

This morning we planed cabbage broccoli Brussels sprouts and beetroot seedlings. We also planted broad bean endive and leek seeds. We spread the coffee granules to deter our snail and slug visitors. We flushed the worms and watered our potted fruit trees with worm juice. All work done just in time before the rain to settle our new plants in.

No more rat droppings in sight

We can only assume our unwanted guest has vacated our premise and hopefully life in total. The garden is again beginning to show signs of regeneration. Even the lemon tree has breathed a sigh of relief as its leaves are beginning to return. Our baits
Stations however remain as a monument of an unwanted war.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Autumn garden work

The rosemary hedge that envelopes our herbs needs trimming monthly. Clearing old plants. Rotary hoeing fertilizing the soil for new plantings. Sowing seeds. Planting out seedlings. Picking the occasional fruit and sharing it in the garden.

Friday, 13 April 2012

How to catch a rat in the garden.

Our garden has been invaded by an unwanted visitor with an enormous appetite. He has devoured our vegetables and devastated our citrus trees. He ate our tomatoes one by one so reluctantly in a desparate attempt to starve him i decided to pull out the healthy plants. But That only lead him to eat all the parsley. I pulled out the few remaining stalks of parsley in the hope he would starve to death. Instead He ate the lettuce to the ground. Then he began to eat the lemon tree. But when he began to eat our 6 only oranges and the leaves of our young orange trees. We declared war. He showed very little interest in the rat sack baits we set up. So i contacted the ACC who delivered a plastic box trap set up with baits. We thought this would rid us of him. But sev
eral days later he showed no interest in that trap. We set up a wooden rat trap but he just ignored that too. Ate all the diacondra grass to the bare stalks. In fact All that was left in our small garden patch was a healthy crop of basil. I guess rats dont like basil. This guy is smart. All but one orange remained on the tree. On closer examination he had pecked at that too. Realizing we had to outsmart him. We carefully inserted our poison in that very last orange night after night. We had him he was eating our bait. We bought other oranges from the supermarket carefully filled them with rat sack and left them out for him to feed on. Each morning for a over a week now we check to see he is eating our baits and hoping we will finally win the war of the rat.