Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Summer Produce Feb 2017

The trellised cucumbers were particularly well productive as were the trellised green beans.
The tomatoes did not produce as well. Branches on the bushes started to dry off early in the season.

Our lovely group of 2016 Members


The sunflowers are very popular with many visitors to the garden as well as the feeding birds.

Summer Newsletter Feb 2017

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Winter Newsletter

June 2016

The trees have shed their leaves.
The soil is damp.
Garden beds have been cleared.
New plants and seedlings sit snuggled in a blankets of straw and fallen leaves.
The air is crisp.
Pinkies golden calandulas and forget me nots bravely break out their colours and cheer the sombre hues of the garden.
Welcome winter.

Our broad beans are growing well. We have planted again the chocolate red and standard  white varieties.
Our broccoli is standing tall with its styrene circles strung around it to help deter the white moth. This year we are trialling a new method to deter the white moth. We have planted Land  Cress around the boundaries. Thank you to Peter and his brother Robert. 
The garlic has sprouted.
Beetroot rainbow silverbeet and snap peas bravely sway with the winter breezes.

Self Seeded Plants
It is a dying practice. 
With our smaller gardens and a need for valuable space the modern day gardener pulls out a drying plant before the plant cycle is complete. Consequently robbing himself of the rewards of newly formed seeds.
Its always a joy to discover self seeded plants popping up in our soil and enjoy the plants life cycle.  - natures gift in auto pilot. Last seasons lettuce has gifted us with this seasons seedlings and an abundant crop of luscious green lettuces. Interesting to note the strength and vigour of self seeded plants far exceeds the venerable punnet seedlings.
Companion Planting: Wormwood Absinthium,   
Important to remember that our mission is to primarily grow edible plants.
However in order to do this successfully without the use of chemicals we also grow plants that help to deter undesirable pests and encourage beneficial insects to manage the healthy survival of our plants (companion planting) 
To this end we have a healthy hedge of Worm wood standing guard at the eastern end of our garden. Wormwood (also referred known to be referred as ‘natures pesticide”)
has a strong pungent scent that's fantastic at deterring insects.

 Caution: ‘The herb contains a large amount of absinthin which is a water soluble growth inhibiting toxin which will secrete from its roots and wash off the leaves. It will leach into the soil, interfering and stunting the growth of plants in close proximity. 
It can be useful to repel insect larvae but it need only be planted on the edge of the area of cultivation. ( And hence our hedge at the eastern end of our garden). It can also be used successfully against weeds.
Putting dried sprigs of wormwood in the garden along side carrots and onions will mask their scent, confusing insects in particular the carrot rust fly. The dried wormwood will not have the growth inhibiting effects of the fresh herb.
Dried sprigs can also be used to repel fleas and moths indoors.’

Milk weed (exciting new project)
In our attempt to introduce the monarch butterfly to our garden and beyond we have planted several milkweed plants. ‘In their larval stage monarch caterpillars feed almost exclusively on milkweed and as adults get their nutrients from the nectar of flowers.’The milk has toxins which the butterfly retains and becomes undesirable to its predators.’
We look forward to watching our success.

Plant Sales
The cycle of our plants continues. We prune we pot and share our joy of plants with the general community. Our pot plant sales are a great success and the funds help to support our growing garden. We have recently purchased somme new hedge clippers.

Coach House
With the hospital new building additions our old Garden Storage shed was in the way and had to be moved. We advertised it on Gumtree and a happy happy purchaser took it away.
In its place the hospital has kindly allocated us half of the Coach House for our storage.
We are grateful to have The Coach House Space with its large wall window that is the perfect environment for propagating our plants. Unfortunately there is not enough room at present but we hope in future we can attain the other half of The Coach House and return it to its former glory -  (glass House) fingers crossed.

We had to condense some of equipment in order to fit into our new space. The mulcher and rotary hoe have been donated to Waroona Community Garden near Port Augusta. For which they are very grateful  as they are just in the  throw of starting their garden.
Further space was released by selling our very big BBQ. We hope to purchase a smaller one soon.
New hanging space was created by Stephen Booth and we also welcomed the carpentry assistance of Dave Stuart. Our tools and equipment are now all sorted in an organised easy to locate manner.

New Irrigation for our Garden
Our Summer water woes will soon come to an end. Stephen Booth with the assistance of James Hahn have prepared a submission to the hospital and it has been accepted and approved. We thank the continual support of Stephen Walker (CEO).
The work to include larger pipe connection for better pressure and new auto watering system specific for our garden.
SA Irrigation Andrew Mathias to upgrade irrigation late July Early Aug.

Group Gardening Sessions
1st 3rd and 5th Saturday morning of the month.
Next GGS 16/7 then 30/7
then 5/8. (13/8 BBQ)

Kind Regards
Sia Booth
Garden Coordinator
'to have joy one must share it'
Secateurs Community Gardening Group Inc.
Email: secateursadelaide@gmail.com
Blog: http://secateursadelaide.blogspot.com.au/

Video https://vimeo.com/79936298

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Late Spring

Our Chinese Gooseberries are growing strong producing a loaded

Our boysenberry bush is trellised in the sensory garden. The plant is loaded with an abundance of berries.

The sensory garden is a mass of organised colour and aromas. The pink dianthus are at their very best in the early month of November.

Our potted Avocado has fruit on it. We hope it will hold on to it and raise it to maturity.

Our Satsuma Plumb tree has comfortably settled in the garden. It has rewarded us with a wonderful crop of fruit. We hope we can get the ripened fruit before the birds.

We have planted our newly acquired Juniper Berry plant in a pot. We look forward to a crop of berries next year.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Busy Spring Planting

The warm spring weather has hurried our produce to early maturity. 
We have shared an abundance  of snow peas amongst our members. Cleared the dry sun burnt bushes. Prepared the soil and planted a crop of Grosse  lisse tomatoes.
The broad beans have started to bend over weighted with a good crop.
Kath and I at one of our regular Saturday morning sessions. We share our produce amongst hardworking members.